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Trish & Lon Morris

Did you hear a huge explosion in 1996? That was the year Lon, a Banker-Businessman from Wyoming, Montana and Washington, crossed paths with Trish, a Marketing/Advertising Executive from Houston and Philadelphia. Montana hasn’t been the same since!


Lon founded Western Agri Financial, Inc. in 1995 by utilizing the process of strategic analysis, based on opportunities created by the impact of “bank consolidation”. Lon knew that money lending was an “ART”, not a “SCIENCE”, and the banking industry was quickly running out of artists! In 1995 Western Agri Financial, Inc. became a reality, and the rest is history! Western Agri Financial, Inc. has evolved into the premier supplier of professional financial and real estate services to clients all over the world.

Lon E. Morris

Born in Lander, Wyoming in 1950, Lon grew up with an appreciation of the rural aspect of Wyoming. He credits his life to having rode with some of the best “real” cowboys the world has ever known! They taught him the trade, but more importantly taught him “time” is the only true commodity, and all you take to the grave is your “reputation”!

He was graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics, and immediately set out to fulfill a dream of being an Ag Lender. In order to finance this dream he has worked as a meat cutter, draftsman-illustrator, underground-surveyor, rough-stock cowboy, construction hand, roughneck in the oil patch, and cut wheat from Texas to Canada! Today, he is a published author, and flies his own airplanes.

During his twenty-one year career as an Ag and Commercial Lender, he founded three branch banks, managed the PCA/FLBA in Miles City, Montana, and culminated his career as a Vice President of the Montana Bancsystem responsible for all Ag Lending. In addition to all of his administrative responsibilities he never gave up his lending authorization.

Western Agri Financial, Inc. provides financial services, and is a mortgage banker originating and servicing loans for Zions Ag Finance, as well as other large regional financial institutions!

In 1996, Western Agri Financial, Inc. expanded operations into Ranch Sales and Brokerage. This expansion was accomplished at the request of our financial clients to represent their interests in their purchase transactions. Western Agri Financial, Inc. entered this industry with a unique attitude of honesty to all parties and confidentially! This attitude has realized outstanding results, as our listing and buying clients are referred to Western Agri Financial, Inc. by attorneys, accountants, bankers, ranchers, and most importantly, our base of satisfied clients worldwide! (Please refer to the testimonial section of this website)

Trish Morris

For over 25 years, Trish has performed and managed every aspect of major market Advertising/Marketing/Creative/Sales in cities including Houston, Philadelphia, and Billings.

As a two time business owner, Trish’s proven ability to analyze the marketplace and strategically design successful marketing and advertising plans, concept through completion, in all media areas, has achieved tremendous success for her clients which have included;
REMAX, PepsiCo., The Rimrockers Basketball team, Big Sky Airlines, Harts Furniture, Cremation or Funeral Gallery and Learning Express Toy Store.

Throughout these 25 years, Trish has also worked for four television stations. As the Program Director for Tribune Broadcasting in Philadelphia, Trish negotiated, purchased and scheduled programs from major distributors such as Disney, Viacom, Paramount, and FOX.

Trish has won 2 Emmy Awards with 4 nominations, and has won several additional Advertising Awards. She is a Dean’s List Graduate of Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Trish is now solely dedicated to Western Agri Financial, Inc.