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Sweet Grass River Ranch - Big Timber, MT - Western Agri FinancialSweet Grass County (40)

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Was $10,000,000
– Now $6,200,000 –

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Western Agri Financial, Inc. is pleased to present the “Sweet Grass River Ranch” to the market.

014This exquisite ranch consists of 7,555.60 total acres of which 6,315.60 are deeded. The Sweet Grass River is considered one of the more desirable trout fisheries in the area, and winds through the ranch for more than 5-miles with both banks, protected from encroachment. Additionally Ryan Creek and Sourdough Creek meander through the ranch.

024 v2Elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, upland birds, and migratory waterfowl call this ranch home. This historic ranch has been in the same family for more than 70-years, and has not previously been offered to the market.

15 v2While rare, this ranch does not have any conservation or other restrictive easements and the sale is not subject to any IRC-1031 exchange reservations!

This ranch is competitively priced at $10,000,000 $6,200,000.

Please call Lon E. Morris for additional information or to arrange a showing. (406-855-1884)

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Big Timber, Montana is truly where the plains meet the mountains!

Big Timber got its name from a railroad official in St. Paul, Minnesota after he had read the journals from the Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1803. The entries describe an area of large cottonwood trees.

While the original settlement was known as Dornix, it would have been easy for the railroad to change the name, just change the sign on the depot.

003Recreation has long been an attribute of Big Timber, going back to the 1920’s and the large “guest ranches” in the area. The late Spike Van Cleve’s books Forty Years Gatherin’s and A Day Late and a Dollar Short are literal treasures, describing the early ranching and guest ranching in this area. Big Timber has not escaped the “Big Screen” as both “A River Runs Through It”, and “The Horse Whisperer” were filmed here.

DSC00007 v2The Livestock Industry and Ranching have long been economic basis of commerce and industry for Sweet Grass County, and Big Timber can claim to have shipped more wool than any other city! From arts to darts, Big Timber has it all, including a hospital, jet accessible airport, grocery, drug, and sporting goods stores, art dealers, hometown banks, quality restaurants including The Grand Hotel and the Thirsty Turtle! Best of all some of the finest people on the planet, call Big Timber home.

Water Rights

The following water rights are on file with the DNRC, are appurtenant to this property and will be transferred to the “Buyer” at closing.

DNRC Number Type Date Source
43BV13626000 Stock  1/25/1964 Spring / Cotton Wood Creek
43BV13626800 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Sweet Grass River
43BV13628400 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Sweet Grass River
43BV13628500 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Sweet Grass River
43BV13628600 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Sweet Grass River
43BV13628700 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Ryan Creek
43BV13629000 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Sweet Grass River
43BV13812800 Stock 1/25/1964 Spring / Ryan Creek
43BV13814500 Stock 9/01/1878 Spring / Sourdough Creek
43BV30045726 Domestic, Stock, Other 2/17/2009 Well
43BV30011718 Stock 8/5/2004 Well

Land Classification

The breakdown of land ownership with the Sweet Grass River Ranch is as follows:

The BLM and State of Montana leases have been researched and are available to be transferred to the new owner at or after closing. The owners of the lands privately leased have agreed to cooperate with the sale, but do reserve the right to meet with the new owner, before extending a lease. The maps attached to this brochure, reflect the entirety of the ranch including leases.

(This information is provided as a courtesy to potential buyers by Western Agri Financial, Inc. and while considered accurate, is not guaranteed. All water right and acreage information, should be verified by the prospective buyer through separate due diligence.)

Sweet Grass River Ranch
Boundary Map

Boundary Map - Sweet Grass River Ranch - Big Timber, MT - Western Agri Financial 2015

Sweet Grass River Ranch Brochure

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Brokers Comments

Western Agri Financial, Inc. is pleased to offer this truly unique, recreational ranch to a discriminating investor, looking to become part of our community!

Ranch properties of this size, with all the amenities required of today’s buyer are difficult to find at any price. This ranch is offered for sale at $10,000,000 $6,200,000 which is considered conservative to the market, for comparable ranches in this area. The ranch will be shown by appointment only, by Western Agri Financial, Inc., to qualified buyers.

Information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, but for which neither Broker nor Seller accepts responsibility for accuracy or changes. Buyer and Buyer’s representative should verify all information and satisfy themselves as to the source and reliability therefor. Offering is subject to change, withdrawal, error, omission and prior sale without notice. Any potential sale is subject to Seller’s electing and involving subject property in IRC 1031 tax deferred exchange and is subject to Seller’s approval of all terms and conditions of offer.

Attention Brokers!

Buyer Brokers

Western Agri Financial, Inc. is pleased to cooperate with buyer brokers, and offers excellent “Showing House Commissions”. However, with today’s global information system, and our aggressive advertising program, your commission is at risk unless you register your buyer with Western Agri Financial, Inc. Our requirement for registration is simple and consists of one of the following:

A) Buyer Broker Agreement signed by the client and broker

B) Buyer Agent/Broker physically showing, the actual buyer, our listing while accompanied by a Western Agri Financial, Inc., representative.


Qualification of Buyers

Due to an increased number of “financially non-qualified” buyers entering into sales contracts, and not executing the contract due to “lack of financing”; Western Agri Financial, Inc. will require verification of “financial ability to purchase” from unknown buyers. As mortgage bankers, Western Agri Financial, Inc. has this capability and it is our responsibility to our listing clients. Please notify your buyer of this requirement to prevent an embarrassing situation during the negotiation process!

Western Agri Financial, Inc. is truly pleased to cooperate with Buyer Brokers. We further consider this cooperation an integral part of our business, and a responsibility to our listing clients. Please do not hesitate to call with questions or to set a showing appointment.

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